Ball resonators

We manufacture pulsation dampers or resonators for use in high-pressure pumps.  You will find the application areas for these pumps, for example in the chemical or offshore sector.  In every size and for every volume.  Because the devices have to withstand the highest loads permanently, the manufacture of resonators requires the highest level of professionalism.  The pictured ball resonator is intended for use in high-pressure pumps.

The weld around the two halves of the ball has a total length of three and a half football pitches and is absolutely flawless at every point. The resonator has to withstand a pressure of 650 bar – and it does. Problem-free. The pressure corresponds by the way to a water depth of 6375m!



This is the spectrum of the pulsation dampers we have produced so far:

  • Materials: From 1.0425 to super duplex (1.4501)
  • Capacitiy: From 4 to 4.100 l
  • Wallthicknesses: From 8 to 100mm
  • Inner diameter: From 114 to1800mm
  • Weights: From 40 to 9000 Kg