Reflection silencers

Reflection silencers cancel the unwanted sound waves according to the “destructive interference method”.

They do without absorption materials, which is necessary for some processes that require purity of the medium, such as in the food industry.


Absorption silencers

Absorption silencers control noise by absorbing the sound energy entering the material. The following factors are decisive for the effectiveness of the silencer:

  • The sound absorption coefficient of the absorptive material at the different frequencies – the length of the silencer
  • The ratio of circumference to cross-sectional area of the silencer duct
  • The lining thickness of the absorptive material


Snubbers are used, for example, with piston compressors or piston pumps.

  • Strong pulsations (periodic pressure fluctuations) in piping systems are undesirable because they can cause vibrations. These vibrations can cause material damage or even failure of the entire system. The function of instruments such as flow meters can be impaired.
  • Correctly designed snubbers are capable of efficiently reducing unwanted pulsations.
  • Due to the many different machine types it is necessary to analyse the application precisely to ensure the right snubber for your machine.

Silencing solutions

Whichever silencer you need, we will find the right solution for you. for any application, to meet any rule or regulation, using the most suitable materials.

  • Silencer Ø 1800
  • Weight: 9000 kg

  • Silencer DN 700
  • Ø 1200
  • Weight: 3090 kg

  • Silencer DN400
  • Designed as a combination of machine carrier and silencer

  • Silencer with ASME U Stamp (U1)